Hearth and Hand Collection with Magnolia at Target

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Hello my loves!!! I am so excited to chat with you about the Hearth and Hand Collection by Magnolia at Target. The style is Modern Farmhouse. Its not typically my style, but then again my style seems to be a hodgepodge of things with a bit of Modern Farmhouse Flare. I was excited to be able to check out a Target during my adventures this past Sunday. Unfortunately, the Target I went to did not seem to have a good amount of inventory, so I decided to check it out online.

Here are my favorites from the Hearth and Hand Collection at Target:

Cocoa Pot


Beaded Wood Garland


Black and White Plaid Throw


Music Notes Framed Wall Art


Lamb Ear White Berry Wreath


Juniper Wreath with Bell


Glass Vase with Tree


Galvanized Home Lantern


salt cellar


pepper cellar


Galvanized Tree Holder


Vintage Bell


Doll House


Toy Cocoa Set


House Log Holder

Of course of all of those mentioned above, I only came home with 2 of the Juniper Wreaths because my Big Papa J was keeping me on point. C’est la vie, A girl can dream right!?! And who knows, I may do some online shopping while he’s not looking….SHHH!! you didn’t read that!!


What are your favorites from the Collection?


Happy Shopping Loves!!


  • Ren


    I wish I had a target here. :(.

    • Bindu

      you just need to come back!!!! Please!!!

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