A Functional Space

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Do you have an area in your home that you feel is just not working for you? You’re not sure what to do with this area and as a result it is never used. I feel like this about a few areas in my home and decided it was time to make a change. I wanted to keep the flow and functionality of my home on an even keel.

This week I focused on my favorite room in the house, The Living Room…..

Notice how I only show one side of this room. The other side of my Living Room is just dead space…

it went from looking like this

to this after moving some furniture around…..

Not much was going on in this little corner over here and I wanted to make it more functional. I ventured off into my abyss of a garage and came across this antique typewriter that I bought about a year ago…

I had completely forgotten about this buy and decided I wanted to spruce it up a bit so I  spray painted it gold

This right here is what inspired the rest of the corner.

The kids needed an area where they are able to use a laptop for school. I also needed an area to organize the mail and kid’s papers and house a few chargers..

Our guest room had a mini desk that was rarely used. I decided to move that desk out to this corner. Kept the chair and added the laptop….

Im happy to report that this area of the house is starting to be of use…The kids LOVE this space and are able to do whatever research they have without my assistance!!!

I have two big white file folders, one for the mail and one for the kids school papers…

There is also a mail/file sorter behind the framed sign…

It truly makes me so happy that the space not only flows but is functional and the kids are happy with it. I’m not done with this area as there is another piece that I wanted to add, but it requires some painting…Can you believe that I have had this piece for over a year!!! Ugh, I’ve been slacking lately…stay tuned for an addition that will hopefully be coming soon!!!


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