All The Christmas Feels

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I have to admit, I have been feeling pretty Bah humbuggy in regards to Christmas. The thought of taking out all the decorations, the process of decorating only to have to take them all down just seemed to be a bit too much. I was not feeling my normal Christmassy self. Naturally, the VClan was a tad bit concerned…

Thankfully the kids decided to take on the task on their own…

With a little help from their furry siblings of course…

It was so fun to see their vision of what they wanted…

I had originally just wanted one tree up… but that didn’t sit well with my trifecta tribe… and so this happened

Yup, Christmas Pretty much exploded in the House of V… I did make it a point to shop my home and use items I already had on hand. Like blankets as the skirt for our tree as well as baskets to use as the base of our smaller trees…I wanted to give the area more of a cozy vibe while adding a bit of texture… and yes we have a lot of trees..haha!

It doesn’t stop there.. continues on into our Living Room:

oh and by the way… we just changed out the carpet in here (the living room)

what do you think!?!?!

I’m so thankful that you were able to find the time to stop by. Let’s also remember that Jesus is absolutely the reason for the season. I feel like I forgot what the true meaning of Christmas was, and that is HOPE through Jesus… Excited to be able to spend some quality time with my family while celebrating our Savior’s Birth!!!


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