Basement Reno

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So let’s just say  I have a new found respect for DIY friends that move into fixer uppers and start the journey all on their own. I have a vision but do not have the right skills to make this happen. Working with Pro Repairs has taught me so much in regards to the hard work and dedication it takes to make this vision a reality.

Be forewarned, there is so much to do to prep the area so nothing about what I will be showing you is pretty. The basement is unfinished and has no walls so frame work needed to be done in order to create a structure for the walls

Here an example of the framework:

Not the most glamorous of shots but it sets the stage of what is to come…

Here is a capture of the same area with some walls up:

This whole area was completely bare and open before. So to see it starting to form into an area that we can actually build on was pretty exciting.

Once the walls were up and everything was spackled and sanded we were able to choose our paint colors.. I highly recommend placing the actual paint color on the wall. It makes such a difference in how the paint color will actually appear so you are certain that you are making the right choice.

All colors on the wall are from Sherwin Williams. Below are the colors we decided to  go with:

  • Walls – Passive
  • Trim – Pure White
  • Doors and Door Trim – Watery

I am loving the way these colors flow.

For the ceiling we did not have much of an option but to do a drop ceiling because of all the plumbing and wires that ran through it.. we needed to have easy access to it just in case if something went wrong. Check out the Before…

I am not a fan of drop ceilings but did come across some beautiful drop ceiling planks from Armstrong.

Not your average drop ceiling right?  These Armstrong Drop Ceiling Planks come in a variety of colors. We went with the classic white faux wood look.

Further down towards the center of the basement I wanted to incorporate a counter with cabinet space where we envisioned the kids doing homework or eating a snacks while watching TV

I wanted the counter top to be made of cement so the base has to extremely sturdy to make this happen.I also have some ideas on how I want the cement to look and cannot wait to share them with you..

I can’t believe all the progress that has happened so far. Stay tuned as we are working on finishing off the cement counter top/cabinet as well as barn doors for certain areas of the basement. Not only that we are working on bathrooms!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!


  • Shuba


    LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE that ceiling! And the colors do flow beautifully! You have such a great eye! ❤

    • Bindu

      means so much!!! thank you!!!

  • Visiting


    Looks awesome so far! Cant wait to see the rest!!

    • Bindu

      thanks so much!!!

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