Brunching with Bin

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I love celebrating my friends. I was especially thrilled to be able to host a brunch with a group of absolutely amazing gals that I grew up with and are like sisters to me.  I really wanted it to be a simple affair. But nothing with me is ever simple is what I have finally come to understand. Regardless, I wanted this to be something special for these dear sisters/ friends of mine. I wanted them to feel at home, loved and well special. I hope they left feeling that way. I arranged it like a buffet so that they can pick and choose what they wanted. It was a chilly, early afternoon get together so I figured comfort food was in order. I had tomato basil soup heating up in the crock pot (thank you Costco, ps if you haven’t tried this soup its a must!!!so good), with a side of parmesan crisps ( also Costco), an assortment  of muffins, croissants and grilled cheese made to order.

I like the not thinking aspect of entertaining but I also like to cook for my guests. With this spread, I was able to do both. Have my friends pick and choose as they go while at the same time serving them food hot off the stove

Brunch Toast Pan

Big Papa J (BPJ) also offered to be our personal chef and make the grilled cheese.  He is something, isn’t he!? And of course, we had our dogs Jax and Opie in the mix.

Big Papa J Grilled Cheese

Brunch with dog

We only get very rare moments like this to just relish and savor with our friends as our schedules are so hectic and we live so far apart. I’m happy to have been able to do that with these girls!!


  • Julie Hall


    Grilled cheese made to order? K seriously I just passed out! This is basically why we are soul sisters!

    • Bindu

      girl you know it!!😘

  • Dol


    Bin you are amazing and I’m so happy we got to be part of your incredible talents! Love you and so happy for you and proud of you!

    • Bindu

      so happy to be able to celebrate our sisterhood!! love my girls mucho!!😘

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