Christmas 2016

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Christmas is truly the most AMAZING time of year!! It’s purely MAGICAL, to say the least. We are obsessed here at the V House. But I really want it to be a time that truly emphasizes the real meaning of Christmas – the celebration of our Lord and Savior’s birth. We make it a point to read to the kids about the birth of Jesus during Christmas in order to place focus on the true meaning of the holiday. And I am excited to say that for the first time in many years we will be attending Christmas Eve Service which we are truly so excited about.

Ok..back to decor…this is the second time we are celebrating Christmas here in our new house. Can I still say new? We have been here for over a year now. This place is really starting to feel like home. I decorated a little differently this year. Instead of one tree, we have two trees. One in the Living Room:

Christmas Living Room 2016

And one in the Family Room:

Christmas Family Room 2016

Thoughts on my fireplace? Cmon you know you like it!! Haha!

As you enter our house through the front you are greeted by our snowman, Mr Frosty (as the kids call him). We also have a children’s nativity set purchased at Costco on the console table along with two other snowmen (no names yet) and a wooden light up angel plaque frame.

Entryway Christmas 2016

As you enter the Living Room you will be greeted by another snowman, the kids call him Mr. Stretch (because his height can be adjusted). In between Mr. Stretch and our Jesus is the Reason for the Season sign is our first tree. It’s a Martha Stewart pre-lit tree. I took the time out to fluff it just right this time and have placed ornaments on it that have been collected for over a period of 15 years (and people wonder why our tree is so full).

On the other side of the house is our Dining Room. It has a Tabletop Christmas Vignette with a mix of white deer and trees along with Christmas plates and a rustic wooden angel.

Christmas Dining Room 2016

Alongside the table sits the infamous World Market Everett Console Table decorated with a small Christmas Village also purchased at Costco.

Christmas Village Vignette 2016

The Christmas Village lights up and plays music. The kids go crazy over it.

Then we head on over to the kitchen where you will find Gingerbread Men pot holders hanging on our cabinets and more mini Christmas trees and wreaths. I especially love our Coffee Station adorned with festive mugs and trees as seen below.

Christmas Coffee Station 2016

As mentioned earlier the Family Room houses the second tree in our house. It is a pre-lit twig tree that I absolutely fell in love with. My husband, Big Papa J, surprisingly did as well. We made sure to fully decorate this tree in order to give it some love and warmth and we are very happy with the end result. The tree is placed next to another snowman, Mr. Smiley ( yes, our family has a snowman obsession). On the opposite side of Mr. Smiley lies Mr. Moose. Another, dare I say it, Costco find….gasp!!!

Family Room Christmas 2016

The hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms all have touches of Christmas too. We put a small tree in each of our children’s room as well as a bigger tree in the hallway and in our Master Bedroom. It adds such a great warmth to the room when it is lit. Wish I could keep it all year around and experience this joyful feeling of Christmas every day of the year. Can you imagine that!! Poor Big Papa J (BPJ) would not be a happy camper!!!



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