Coffee Station

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I love my coffee…I actually need it first thing in the morning and just about every afternoon at around 2:45pm on the dot. I’m not sure what it is, but if I don’t have it I am one grumpy old lady. You know how the kids turn into hyenas if they are not fed or in bed by a certain time. Yes, well, that would pertain to me when I am not properly caffeinated. Something about the smell, the taste, the feel of the warm mug, it just brings such comfort and joy. I’m able to establish clarity and a sound mind just after the first few sips. Lets face it my peeps – COFFEE is my SPIRIT ANIMAL!!!

Being that I have such a love and need for caffeine would only mean that the need and want for a coffee station, well it would be a MUST. My Big Papa J understands and supports my love for coffee. So much so he gifted me with a Nespresso Machine and pretty soon my love for coffee became an addiction. Hence why, The Coffee Station is a MUST!!!

In order to set up your Coffee Station you will need the essentials. This would include  a coffee machine, mugs, sugar and spoons all within easy access. You can creatively display this by your coffee machine with what works best for you. I used a three tier tray to display the accessories to my coffee station as seen here:

I also purchased that amazing coffee sign from Hobby Lobby to emphasize on the obsession for coffee. I’ve decided to go the rustic route by displaying this coffee station on the Metal Bexley Storage Cabinet from World Market.  It met my décor vibe while at the same time proving to be functional by providing ample storage – WIN!!!WIN!!

Yes thats Opie over there in the corner. Always camera ready!!

I change up this Coffee Station frequently according to the different seasons. There are so many creative ways to style your Coffee Station and personalize it you your own likes and needs. Whatever your style and vibe is get creative and have fun with it. As long as its functional for you the sky is the limit!!



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