Dream Big

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Hey there friends!! I’m so glad you made it!!! Grab a cup of tea or coffee and please sit with me for a bit. I am so excited that you are here and I have so much to share with you. I have to admit, I am technically challenged in every sense of the word, so to see me here starting a blog is the funniest thing to most people who know me. I am an old soul or ok let’s be real just OLD, and truly love the days where we could just pick up an actual book and read it, jot down our thoughts on paper, and get this- actually TALKING to people. GASP!!! 😜


But yet, here I sit, typing away instead of writing, and watching you tube videos, as I learn how to navigate through word press and various social media outlets. I mean does anyone leave the house anymore? I am most definitely in a vulnerable place, where fear is truly setting in. But one thing I will not do is let this fear overcome me. Which is why you being here, your support, means the absolute world to me. 😘❤️😘


I am truly so humbled and excited to have you join me here, by my side, on this journey. I have such a love for décor and I hope that shows through this blog. I also have such a love for fitness, food, trying to… ahem-Bake 😂😂😂, and can get pretty real with you on this crazy journey of motherhood. I am so incredibly far from perfect in every sense of the word and will be the first to admit that I too am human and need to work on my walk with God. I hope you will stay awhile as I do love company. Its going to be a fun ride and I’m glad you are here with me!! Now lets pound it out and make some memories!!👊😜😘

  • Sam


    Your blog is looking so beautiful!! Great job!

    • Bindu

      Sam!! So incredibly thankful you like it!! miss you!!😘

  • Roy Mathew


    Enjoying my coffee reading the blog of my amazing cuz who I used to play He-Man and She-Ra with. Talent, love and awesomeness are overflowing from this girl.

    • Bindu

      What up HE-MAN!!😂😂 Love you my cuz!! your support means the absolute world!!😘

  • Rose


    I love everthing

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