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Entertaining has always been an integral part of what I love to do. I love the idea of trying to set up a soiree filled with food, decor and flowers. I especially love how my guests feel when they are here. That they are relaxed, happy, well fed and most importantly that they feel at home.

We entertain a lot here at the House of V. I like to play around with different ways of entertaining whether it be buffet style, which is typically what we do here and perfect for larger amounts of guests, or family style, which is actually rare for us as its a more intimate setting.

Below is a set up of a family style get together. I was lucky enough to score my family’s china set as well as the amazing goldware that my mom would take out only on special occasions. Just to give you a little back story on this, these pieces of china and goldware only came out when the most prestigious of people within our Indian Community came over. When I would see my mom setting this out on the table I knew someone big would be coming over, so it was fun for me to be able to use this in a more intimate setting. As a child, I always admired the details and the vintage look of these pieces. To finally see it here in my dining room to entertain some very dear friends means so much to me.

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I incorporated the vintage look with the rustic as I placed the goldware in mason jars which were then placed in a rustic wooden crate. I also placed some flowers along side the back of the wooden crate, also in a mason jar. On the side of the wooden crate, I placed the vintage china as well as some fun glasses for the ladies and gents. Keeping the table arrangement simple, fun and classy.

It doesn’t take a lot to entertain as long as you have fun and go with the flow. It took me a great deal of time to understand and truly grasp this as I always stressed the importance of having to do everything on my own. There’s no need. Plan out a menu that would be least stressful on you where you can make ahead some of the main dishes or even order if need be. Below is a picture of some Samosas we served for appetizers with dipping sauces for our Indian themed dinner. These were not homemade and have actually been purchased at Costco. So all I had to do was throw it in the oven and thaw out the dipping sauces…voila!! Like magic!! =) Your guests also may want to be bring something… so let them. Whether it be an appetizer or a side, even a dessert,  let them be part of the process as well.

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Most importantly enjoy each other’s company. As a hostess I would tend to want everything to be perfect at all times and in that way, I found that I did not fully enjoy the evening. Just go with the flow, be apart of the conversations. Set out the drinks, appetizers and plates, cups, silverware ( or goldware)  before hand so that this gives you time to interact with your guests. This way your guests will feel comfortable and at home. Enjoy the time, enjoy the food and most importantly enjoy the company. After all, you have worked so hard.. you deserve it!!

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