Faux Plants

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My mind is never at ease in the décor department. Anyway I can enhance or bring in some depth and life to a room, I will try to meet it, and then once it’s achieved I will have to switch it up again. Drives my poor Big Papa J crazy, but I know at the end of the day he is pretty happy with the result, or at least I hope that he is 😅. Whether it be through textures, colors or in this case through faux plants, I always try to mix things up. I was on the hunt for a Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. Thought it would be a perfect addition to my Living Room and Great Room. Then I saw the prices and thought, well how about real one!!?!?  Ahem..have I mentioned before that I have a BLACK THUMB!!!😑 Yup two of them to be exact!  My parents are great gardeners, and so are my in laws. I mean they grow pumpkins!!! PUMPKINS!! Isn’t that AMAZING!! Yeah, so it completely skipped me which is why I think this gene skips a generation. Or maybe it just skipped a generation in my family, which means my children will be SET!!! They are going to be growing PUMPKINS!!!😀😀😀


Ok back to the decor, I happened to be strolling through Home Goods and there they stood not one but two Faux Plant Beauties. Both were just screaming for me to take them home. Yes, I can talk to Faux Plants 👍!! Not to real plants, just the Faux ones…They weren’t the Fiddle Leaf  Fig kind of plant that I originally intended on purchasing, but I liked these better.  Both stood at different sizes and came in these modern, rustic looking pots. Normally I would place the faux plant in a basket as seen here in my entryway:

I most certainly did not need to do that here and I still couldn’t even believe it when I saw that each plant was a jaw dropping 50% off!!😮  No, my eyes did not deceive me, they were still 50% OFF!!!!  I am not kidding when I say God speaks in whispers because in no way had I intended on coming to Home Goods today. This was definitely headed in the “GOOD DAY” direction!! It truly is the SIMPLE things that make us happy people.😀


Here they stand! One in the Living Room and the other in the Great Room.

Living Room

Great Room












And Yes, the price tags are still on!! Wanted to show my Big Papa J just how sweet this deal was!!

Here they stand without the price tags and assimilated in their environment:

So what exactly is the moral of this  wigged out post: To get your faux plant game on now!! There’s no shame in my game!!! Black Thumbers UNITE!!! ✌️

  • Julie


    You are hilarious! Adore you and your black thumb game!

    • Bindu

      😂😂 thanks love!! your support means so incredibly much!!

  • Vani


    Haha black thumbs Unite! 😂 The plants look great!!!

    • Bindu

      😂 Ya feel me..right!!?!😂

  • Ren


    Black thumb:). Hahah. I like this one. ❤️❤️

    • Bindu

      haha!! Girl, I am so keeping it real!! haha!

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