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Happy Birthday America!! Yes, as you already may know we are big on birthdays around here. But this particular 4th of July Celebration the feeling is a little different for me. We were in Chicago celebrating with our amazing Siblings Crew and we decided to turn on Hasan Minhaj’s Homecoming King. This was the second time for me, watching this stand up comedy routine and it completely resonated with me in a different way. It’s crazy to think back at all the sacrifices my parents made in order for me to have the independence I do today. I am part of the First Generation American Born Indian Crew. There are a whole lot of us, and yes we have heard the stories of how our immigrant parents migrated from India with twenty dollars in their pocket in order to provide a better lifestyle for us, but have we actually thought in detail about these situations that they were in.


Imagine coming to a strange country, with absolutely nothing except the hope and dream to be able to provide the best of the best for your soon to be new family. You know nobody, you have absolutely no money besides those seven dollars in your pocket. I mean you don’t even know the language, yet you push forward no matter what obstacle is placed in your path with the determination and the belief that it is all for the greater good!! For the betterment of the future of your family. That my friend is what we call “The American Dream!” And my parents are living proof that this DREAM is impart a REALITY!!

How surreal is that!! I think about that, the whole aspect of picking up and moving to a new place, a new country, alone, with absolutely no money and then I say to myself – R U KIDDING ME!!!?!?!? There is absolutely no way!!! I am way to chicken to start up somewhere new like this. Yet this is what my parents did for me. All the sacrifices they made, for me to have a better future, something that they literally poured over with a lot of blood, sweat, tears and an overwhelming amount of prayer and faith in God.


Its truly a beautiful thing, and I am forever grateful and truly humbled. Otherwise, I would not be able to move forward with things that I truly love and am passionate about. Which is why I am crazy excited about the release of my blog – House of V Decor. Don’t get me wrong, I did not want this to come to fruition because of the fear that I am exposing too much of myself, fear that I will fail, fear that no one will want to read this. I look at this now as an opportunity for me to follow my dreams. Dreams that have been put forth thanks to the dedication and sacrifices of my parents, my husband’s parents and all our immigrant parents that have paved the way for us. Its most definitely going to be daunting and challenging but is better to make your dream a reality than just perusing through life thinking of all the “what ifs!!”


I am incredibly grateful and humbled that you have stopped by and took sometime out to share in some of my passions and dreams. I hope that it inspires you to LIVE out your DREAMS!! We are in this beautiful country that embarks on that. United we STAND, United we TRUST and United we DREAM!! Believe in yourself!! Happy Birthday America!!!

  • Julie


    Love this post. So true!! We come from a legacy of courage and faith! Love you!!

    • Bindu

      LOVE U!!! 😘

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