Happy Birthday to Me

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There was this Nutella Cake that I had recently, and well, I wasn’t happy with it. It was definitely a chocolatey cake but not moist.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and well I made a cake, a very surprisingly yummy chocolatey cake… Now I am not a professional baker nor can I take the credit for coming up with the recipe but I did make a few tweaks to it and it came out just as moist as I wanted. It was snowing here in NJ, first significant snow fall of the season, so I knew that if I wanted this moist rich chocolatey cake I would have to just dive in and make it myself. I proceeded to mix the batter which included a cup of hot espresso (the recipe called for 1 cup boiling water but I replaced that with 1 cup of piping hot espresso and prayed for a miracle). Before placing  the cake in the oven to bake at 350 for 30 minutes, I also added some chocolate chips to the cake batter, a heaping hand full to each cake pan, but only after the batter is placed in the cake pan so it doesn’t stick to the bottom. Also, note the cake batter will be very thin and that is fine, they say the boiling water makes for a moist cake and if you add espresso it just adds depth to the chocolate flavor. Here’s what came out to cool on the racks:

The recipe for the cake batter can be found on all recipes, just link to this below:

Click here..

Up next, the butter cream, and I had to have the chocolate cocoa buttercream. I read the reviews on this recipe which I doubled and added a bit more expresso and milk to the buttercream to give it more of an in-depth, creamy flavor. I also added more cocoa powder because I don’t like the frosting to be too sweet. I like a very chocolatey butter cream, the chocolatier the better:

Here is the recipe for the chocolate butter cream, also found on All Recipes:

Click here..

It is a great recipe to add on to and is a dream to pipe with. I decided that I wanted my cake to look a bit more rustic mainly because I probably needed more frosting to cover the whole cake. But that’s ok, it turned out to be one of those “Happy Accidents”



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