Holiday Porch Decor

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Hello Loves!!! So excited to chat with you today about my Holiday Porch Decor…..I absolutely love this time of year and have such a blast decorating. I especially love decorating the outdoors. My boys Jax and Opie seem to like it as well!!! As long as they are not getting into any mischief, like my buddy Jax over here….


I dunno I think he likes the smell of fresh pine, I mean who doesn’t right!!!

I worked with what I had on hand from previous years. As usual, I have my wreaths with Pre-lit Outdoor Christmas Trees ready to go…. but in addition to that I also have this old red bike spray painted red. I added a metal bow to it. This bow broke off of a pretty cool candy cane piece that I used to own. Not sure what happened to the Candy Cane but hey the bow is intact!!

That sled to the left of the vintage bike is another vintage find. I have a few of them and bought them for a steal. I cannot even believe how much these sleds are going for these days…. Below is another picture of this side of the front entryway…

You see my  Charlie Brown Christmas Tree over there!!!  I know, how long can I keep this baby alive right!!?! My neighbors down the road were selling these cuties and I couldn’t resist. Turns out that these are baby Christmas Trees and I can plant them in the spring…that’s if I can keep them alive….stay tuned!!!


Lets move to the other side shall we!!!

I love this bench, it used to be part of my back yard till I moved it up here for my Fall Decor and decided to keep it here for my Christmas Decor as well!!! Add on a throw and pillow for some warmth and texture and it just creates a warm and cozy rustic retreat that I can sit and sip coffee on while the kids get on the bus. hahah! ok that never happens but a girl can dream right!! And yes that would be another vintage sled in the back there!!! I do love my sleds!!!

I added on this old beat up radio flyer wagon from a local barn sale. My sister in law actually found this beauty and was sweet enough to let me have it!!! The festive pot and snowman are Costco finds and that lantern actually lights up…

Here are some other pics of my Holiday Porch Decor:

Jax likes me to take pictures of him at this angle…

Opie doesn’t have a preference…

So glad you took the time to stop by. Below is a pic of the whole space!!!


So incredibly thankful for you!!!! Next time come in for some Coffee!!!

  • Lisa Offrs


    Great post. I love you and love your purpose and everything that you stand for!!!

    • Bindu

      aww so sweet of you!! thank you !!!

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