House of V Fall Deck

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One of the main reasons we bought this house was for this area right here. We never really had a back yard in our old house, so to have this, is pretty unreal. Now, don’t get me wrong, we are far from the outdoorsy type, but to be able to have the freedom to play and entertain in our  backyard was such a dream that we were able to turn into a reality.

Especially with the weather we have been having, its fun to be able to eat breakfast outdoors, sip some coffee on the porch, watch the kids play without having to be afraid of them running on the street.

It also gave me an opportunity to style and decorate this area for Fall.  We didn’t really change it up much except add pieces that I already had on hand from salvages at various garage sales and things that have been in the house.

Added  in some pumpkins and mums and a few throws to create a cozy little Fall Retreat!!

Yes, there goes Jax again eyeing those pumpkins!!! Oh how I do wish I could have more pumpkins!!!

Ok so maybe I did purchase a little something I just couldn’t resist from Summer Moon Mercantile…

I  mean how could I turn away from this beauty.

And I just love the look of crocs and mums:

Crocs, Mums,Pumpkins…its giving me all the Fall Feels!!!


It honestly means so much to me that you took the time to stop by. Incredibly thankful for you!!!

  • Julie


    Every inch says cozy!!! Love!

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