House of V Outdoor Fall Decor

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It is truly a wonder that I have kept these beautiful mums alive for a few weeks now.I had to take these pictures quick before I kill these beautiful plants. Of course, I would love to have more pumpkins, but my boy Jax over here, he also has a strong love for pumpkins !!! So much so that you may find one or two missing and half eaten in the middle of the yard.😲

And don’t mind those mums over there in the middle. I’ve had those for a little longer than a few weeks…and umm..yes, black thumb still resides within…🙄😒😞

But something about the season of Fall brings out all the amazing Pumpkin Feels!! I just wish the weather would cooperate with more cool, crisp air instead of the Autumn Summer we have been having. Regardless, there is so much love for pumpkins and mums and corn stalks….yes CORN STALKS…. especially, now after this haul:💪

Loved snapping these pics with the amazing spring/summer like weather we have been having:

I do feel as if we need more pumpkins!!! Need to get my Big Papa J on board, and well Jax too. But for now I am loving our Outdoor Fall Decor!!!🍂🎃

….and so far all Pumpkins seem to be intact!!😅

Means so much that you took the time to stop by!!!

  • Julie


    Just stunning B!!

    • Bindu

      love u!!

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