I Can and I Will

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Ok….so this half marathon truly snuck up on me….Training has pretty much been non existent due to my lack of enthusiasm, as well as the cold weather we have been having on the East Coast, and last minute change of date. But in all honesty these are just EXCUSES… I have committed to this race and I needed to see it through!!!The past 3 weeks has been one big hustle of getting in some solid long runs before my half on SUNDAY the 15th… WOOHOOO!!! whose excited!?!?! ( yes this is me trying to pump myself up…haha)

I’ve been pretty good with keeping my runs on the treadmill although it has been crazy hard to stay motivated for longer periods…something about running indoors in one room, staring at the same four wall and knowing that you have so much to do on that day… I mean you need to be really engrossed in a show or have a kick butt play list because it turned into a love/hate relationship for me. But once I was back to running outside, I found my love to run again, that is until I got to some crazy hills!!!

I came really close to not doing this half. I started to doubt myself. I was also in straight up denial about it. It’s not going to be my best in time but Im fairly confident I can finish injury free…at least I hope..haha!!!  But one thing is for sure, I’m so glad and thankful for this opportunity because I found my joy in running again…Its a mental battle that I CAN and WILL see through!!! Please say a Prayer for me!!! Thanks for being so awesome!!! So incredibly thankful for you!!!!



  • Cin


    You got this mama!!!!! Your gonna do awesome! Proud of you 😘😘

    • Bindu

      love you!!! say a whole lotta prayers for me!!!! hahha!

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