Love Binds Us

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Valentine’s Day!!! What are your thoughts? For me it’s exciting mainly because I get to tap into decorating. Creating vignettes is so fun and exciting to me. I love going through things that I already have on hand and putting them together to create a theme, in this case showcasing the theme of love.


Sure Valentine’s Day should be celebrated every day. But on this particular day, I get especially excited because I love to see the joy on my kids’ face as they come home with their various cards and treats that they received from their friends. In turn, they get to create and put together their own treats for their friends. The gift of giving, the gift of love is a beautiful thing. Especially when you experience through the eyes of your little ones.



My BPJ (Big Papa J) will be sure to have a plant or fresh flowers for our two girls. I also get to spoil my son with a sweet something. We end the day with dinner together as a family. This year BPJ treated us to a beautiful dinner out and the kids got to enjoy and stay up a little late. Just a day to celebrate love with our nearest and dearest is truly a beautiful thing. We are blessed, why not celebrate it!!




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