My Summer Vignette

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Can you tell I’m not ready to let go of this beautiful season we call Summer. The temps out here have been great and I have loved spending quality time with my little trifecta tribe. I also love how vibrant my senses become this time of year with all the COLORS and different smells from flowers to fresh-cut lemons, it all just makes my heart sing.

It’s a time to slow it down and enjoy the simple things of just time spent. A time with no schedules, something we try to do BIG around here, and just being spontaneous. After all we are making MEMORIES!! The fun in the sun and lazy afternoons of playing around without a care in the world. Making s’mores and celebrating just because we can.


I’m not ready to dive into Fall. I do love Fall, so much so. It’s just so scary for me to think of the hustle and bustle that accompanies it. Can you tell I’m a worrier? The youngest of my tribe  started Kindergarten last week. My heart still hurts just thinking about it. Time is flying and our kids are growing older at lightning speed. Time needs to stand still. So in the hustle and bustle that comes in the Fall, remember to sit and just be still. Watch your kids play and fight together or just be silly with them.Listen to the chaos and the noise that accompanies a full house. Sit with your spouse and just be, even if the two of you are silent. Enjoy the moment, and savor it. The days go slow but the years are fast!!



  • Kay


    I love the black cart in your kitchen picture! Pls tel me where you found it!

    • Bindu

      hi there, so glad you liked it. Its the Metal Bexley Bar from World Market. Its currently on sale now!!

  • Ren


    Oh man look at her backpack! Hope the first week went well. Sending 🙏🏾❤️

    • Bindu

      insane right!! it did thanks love!!

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