Oh Christmas Tree

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Anyone else have an obsession with trees!?!?…Something about its sparkly lights just makes the season see oh so magical. My trees were out for a bit with no ornaments and simply lights. It created such a beautiful glow and warmth to the room. All I wanted to do was just cozy on up and snuggle by it…simply MAGICAL!!!

I love the look of the trees so much that I decided I wanted to have a tree in every room. I  researched all the store websites online to find the best deals. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my one stop shop for my trees would be Walmart.

They have a variety of trees….from twig trees with a burlap base to the ever so beautiful flocked tree. Here are my Top 10 Faves from Walmart:

1) Lets start with this 4ft Pre-lit Flocked Tree for only $25


2) And how about this 6ft Flocked Tree. This one is not pre-lit but still at a great price for $30


3) Here is a pre-lit 4ft tree without any flocking for only $25


4) Need a little height? Here is a 7ft Pre-Lit Tree without any flocking for $49


5) Check out this 7.5 feet Pre-lit Flocked tree with insta- shape for $149.00


6) Here is a Pre-lit 7.5 feet Tree that has color changing lights as well for only $129.00


7) And how about these burlap trees in a variety of sizes for a pretty good price.


8) I also wanted to share with you my favorite garland. Its flocked and 9ft, perfect for a mantle and for only $12


9) and this flocked wreath is the perfect base to add onto for only $9.97


10) Here is another cute double wreath option as well for only $9.99


Needless to say, I bought a tree for every room in my house…I just couldn’t get enough. I am thinking that one year, I will have a real tree, with real garlands and all. But for now, this will be my Winter Wonderland!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by…next week I will be part of a Special Holiday Edition Home Tour Blog Hop with some amazing new and talented friends. Be sure to stop by!!!


  • Julie


    I am day dreaming right now of being in your heavenly winter wonderland space with that amazing hot chocolate spread!!

    • Bindu

      hahah!!! yes girl!! bring on the hot chocolate!!!

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