TG Tabletop Vignette (2016)

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TG  Tabletop Vignette (2016)

A vignette is best described as a small decorative design. I absolutely love doing vignettes. It’s an opportunity for me to express my crazy outlandish ways through that of visual art. Make sense? Ok, probably not but let’s see, I can’t draw but I surely can put together some great tablescapes!! or….. at least I like to think I can.🙄  I  do this in all areas of my house pertaining to the season/holiday. My Big Pappa J (BPJ)  says he can’t stand it but I know he secretly loves my quirky ways of doing this. He will see me in action or come home from work and say “Wow look at that, its another Vignette.” Yes, I know the fact that he knows this term is huge. I’m so proud of my BPJ!!😍

 This vignette here is my Tabletop Thanksgiving Vignette. The lace over lay has actually been in my parent’s house for as long as I can remember so it holds sentimental value. It was preserved on our dining room table with a thick plastic protector in the house I grew up in.  This was, in fact,  the common theme in all Indian houses back in the day, actually, it still could be. There would be plastic covering tablecloths, plastic over couches, heck I’m surprised they didn’t put a plastic protector over the carpet or bed that we slept on. Ok,.. ok,.. back to the Tabletop TG Vignette.  It starts off with that lovely sentimental lace tablecloth and then I added on by placing a wooden cutting board next to a lantern which I originally had outside to give it more of a rustic type texture. I placed a peacock candle (because I also have an obsession for all things peacock) on top of a candle stand and also placed a succulent plant on the inside part of the lantern and on the outside of the lantern. To add some more greenery and depth I placed a Money Tree Plant a little off to the side along with more succulents. And to contribute to the festive feel of Thanksgiving I placed these cute little pumpkins around. And that sign…well it speaks for itself because this truly is my happy place!!!


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