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My loves, the past few weeks have been  “the bad” of my half marathon training. I was actually hesitant about posting this just because I hate feeling like an OLD woman. The truth of it is I had to stop exercising because of muscle tightness in my back, hip and neck. It hurt sitting or even standing for long periods of time and as a result I am now down with OPP (Old People Problems) It was inevitable because I never really gave my body a break when it came to exercise.

I went to my Chiropractor last week and he mentioned that besides my lack of stretching, not wearing the right shoes could have effected my body. Proper fitting of your shoe is extremely important. This isn’t something new to me, yet I have been skimping on buying myself  a new pair of sneakers. I didn’t think I was putting much mileage on the ones that I already owned. I also had to get properly fitted not only according to my  shoe size but also my stride in the way my feet land when I walk and run. He referred me to Fleet Feet Sports in Montclair, NJ. I went immediately after I got cracked from the  Chiropractor and my life has been forever changed.

Everyone at Fleet Feet Sports have been exceptional to work with. I went the day after the NYC Marathon and I was greeted by people who not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. It was incredible to hear their feedback on my form from the way I run to the way I walk.  I found out that the  sneakers that I currently owned were too big for my feet. They took their time to answer any of my questions and made sure I was comfortable and confident in my choice of shoe when I left.

Its been a week since I have met with my Chiropractor. I haven’t been able to really exercise due to my muscle tightness but am looking forward to starting back up slowly today. It’s truly humbling as I don’t feel as strong as I once felt a little over a month ago. Working out has been such a release. Not having that this past week has been a huge adjustment for me. I realize that I need to listen to my body when its telling me to slow down. I need to warm up and cool down properly. Stretching is KEY albeit something I honestly hate doing and as a result became injured because of my lack of it. I learned my lesson and will now make it a point to stretch as often as possible. Heck I may even take up a Yoga class!!! I know, baby steps…slow and steady.

Thanks so much for being by my side through this journey!! Truly so thankful for you!!!

  • Julie


    You’ve got this girl! So inspired by your determination!

    • Bindu

      thank you love!!!

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