The Dining Room Stories

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Can you believe I have had this dining room table and chairs for close to 11 years!?! That’s right, you read correct, 11 years! It was purchased from Pier1, on a sale, of course. I absolutely fell in love with this set but didn’t take into account that 3 kids later it would be an absolute terror to keep stain free. The chairs have a satin type fabric, therefore if you drop anything, even water-BAM!!! Instant STAIN!!! So to clean a stain was an impossible task. What in the world was I thinking!!!?😕

But you also have to understand that 11 years ago, I was not thinking of my lovely trifecta tribe over here, otherwise known as H, M &E.  They were not even a part of the decision-making factor because they didn’t exist, or maybe my oldest was starting to exist…hmm..🤔 I don’t recall. But still, 11 years old and has definite signs of wear. It’s just not the kind of wear and tear that I would like.


I’ve been on the hunt for a table that tells a story, for a table that just screams out YES, Take ME, Pick ME!!! I belong in the House of V!!!  I have yet to find this said table, but I know its out there. Just like it took me a solid 13 years to find this beauty!!!

Lola or Victoria?

Her name is LOLA or VICTORIA, 🤔 I am still deciding but, seriously can we talk about this beauty for a second!? Someone wanted to actually part ways with her. She was passed down from one generation to the next and this family just said she’s not my style!!! They wanted for me to take the table and chairs, which were so absolutely STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL as well, but sadly, I had to decline. We had no room😞. Had I known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have been so hesitant on hoarding such beautiful antique finds. Yes, ok, room was a factor but hey, I know my Big Papa J would have been completely fine with me adding on furniture just to keep on hand for a rainy day..right? 😜


It was just not meant to be, and that is fine. I was never really into sets that all seem to fit and go together. I love that rustic we don’t go together, but yet somehow do vibe. I love that with décor you can go against the rules and think outside of the box and create what’s right for you. I love when the pieces you find have a story behind them which makes it all the more meaningful to you.


So yes, the table hunt continues and I am so fine with that. The excitement/thrill is in the hunt and the chase, and I look forward to the stories it will behold!!


Do you have a particular piece of furniture or art that has a story to it? I would love to hear about it, feel free to comment below. Thanks for stopping by 😀


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