The Evolution of the Entryway

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The Entryway of a house is crucial. Think of it as if you are going on a job interview. First impressions stick and set the tone for that interview. The hand shake and smile, what you are wearing, it sets the stage. So as soon as you open the door to your house, the decor of your entryway reflects the first and most important impression of your home.

Open Concept is my JAM, I absolutely love an open concept home. Our entryway is  open, and as much as I love it I still struggled with how to decorate this area. How can I create a look and feel that is welcoming and at home to those that come through the door? 🤔 It was a process that has evolved for the two years that we have been in this house.

The entryway started out as a blank open space. Then, I began adding accents like this console table that we had in our previous home. I wasn’t sure where everything would be placed, especially on the wall. I couldn’t quite get a feel.  I knew this was a temporary fix. There was more to this space but could not definitively place it.


Fast forward to March of 2017 where I am scrounging through online stores to see how I can add to the home. Then, I came across the unimaginable. There she stood in all her glory, the ever so beautiful Church Pew. I thought to myself there is no way I could afford this. Big Papa J has me on a strict budget so no way would I be able to buy this beauty,  I mean shall I just call her Beauty!!? 😜 I looked at the price and saw that it was reduced for a St. Patty’s day sale!!! Say WHAAAAAT!!! I kid you not I heard Angels Singing 😇😇😇 and tears of joy streamed down my face!!😂 Yes this makes me a very HAPPY  MAMASITA!! I mean a CHURCH PEW!!! So I did the unthinkable and purchased this beauty from Kirklands. Went to the store and picked her up all by myself (ps I told you I work out right💪) 😜 😂

I mean isn’t she just a beauty!!? 😊 I haven’t thought of a name for her as of yet but she is HOME, exactly where she belongs. I could not be happier with this buy. The tree you see off to the side was in my parent’s house. Growing up we used to string Christmas lights on it which would stay up all year-long…. Where are my First Generation American Born Indian Crew at!!?👊🏼 😜 I told them I would take that tree with me if they ever decided to move, and I did. But I did not bring this monstrosity into my house alone like I did the church pew. No, see that would be my brother and well, he used to work out 😜 😂



I guess what I have come to understand in this whole “Decor Game” is that furnishing your home takes time. Yes, I know, I have only been in this house for 2 years but a good amount of what I have now is actually from my previous home of 10 years. You accumulate as you go. Let your imagination run wild, there are no set rules or guidelines. Your home is a representation of you and your family. We had a blast putting this entryway together. It is far from complete and knowing me I will change it up a in a few, much like the Aquarian in me.🙄 But for now it seems to set the tone. A tone that we are quite content with.

What does your entryway say about you? Please comment below and feel free to share your pics 🤠



  • Julie


    What a great post! I love how you describe the evolution and yes that bench is everything!! With all the accents you made it look even more amazing, which I didn’t think was possible ;).

  • Bindu


    so glad you liked it!!means so much!!

  • Shirin M


    I’m still on the hunt for the perfect console table for our entryway so I totally get your emotion finding that church pew! Loved the post!!

    • Bindu

      so glad you like it!!

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