Updated Kitchen Floors

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I have been wanting to do a patterned tile in my kitchen for so long!!! But in order to do so, I had to find the right pattern. Of course I fell in love with a tile that was way over our budget and realized quickly I needed to scale back. This tile right here was a Godsend so to speak!!! It fit all of our criteria and most importantly was reasonably priced….

I stared at this piece in my kitchen for quite sometime….it felt right!!! I couldn’t wait to see it transform this entire space…

There was absolutely no mourning period in the loss of my old floors…

Just joy and excitement at what was to come…

Gemma couldn’t contain herself as well….

I mean, can we talk about this view for a sec!?!?!? Absolute TILE LOVE!!!

It brings out the perfect amount of POP to this area!!! Especially paired in with the woods and stainless steel counter top as well as yellow counter stools… it sets the perfect base….

and adds the perfect amount of  whimsical, vintage farmhouse charm to this area of the house…

I guess that sets my style…Whimsy-Vintage Farm Charm… I am so thankful that you took the time out to stop by…stay tuned as we have so much more renovations coming your way this Spring and Summer!!!


  • Julie Hall


    Love!!!! You have a gift mama

    • Bindu

      you are too good to me!!!

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