Valentine’s Guest Room

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Ok So I have a confession to make….this guest room has been decorated like this since Christmas!!!

Yep…I got some explaining to do!!! It all started with these two pillows from decor steals!!!! Yes, these pillows were meant for Valentine’s Day, but I thought they were also perfect for Christmas…..

So when I initially started decorating for Christmas, I was trying to place a wreath in the middle of the wall above the guest bed. The kids were watching me as I was playing around with the garland and suggested I make it like a heart!!!!

I absolutely LOVED their idea!!! and felt this look could last all the way through Valentine’s Day!!!


Our sweet Gemma agreed too of course!!!


Hmmm…I think our guests may have to sleep on the floor because Ms. Gemma here has claimed her spot!!!!

Here is a full view of the room!!!

Although I was able to pull off this look since December, it is most definitely time for a change…Im thinking a nice new fresh coat of paint too…hmm you never know…STAY TUNED!!!!


I’m so incredibly thankful you took the time out to stop on over!!! Happy Valentines Day to you!!!


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