You’ve Got This!!

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Oh Goodness!! It has been a while since I posted anything exercise related! In all honesty, I have been in the biggest of ruts with it. I had an amazing group of girls that I was able to work out with back in New York. It has never been the same for me since moving here. We all came from different fitness levels, yet we strived to be the best and motivated each other along the way. I guess I’m searching for that motivation, that drive, that extra push.  In addition to this life happens, and various obstacles come into play. Its time for me to get back in the game.

So how do I get back in the game? Hmm… how about running another Half Marathon!! 🙈🙈A good friend had asked me to join in running this Half. My first reaction was, I am not going through that again!!!Training is tough and you have to be ready for the good and bad days. After thinking about it a little longer, I just couldn’t resist. I need to get back in it.👊

So… Yes!!! It looks like that will be my next venture. I have done 3 in the past. My first experience with it was pretty funny, maybe I will share that with you but I have to get the ok from my Big Papa J.😊 Second one, I absolutely ROCKED and well the THIRD one I struggled but came through. This time around I’m not so sure. There is a lot happening in my life now, with various family obligations and commitments. Mentally, I feel tapped out and drained. A big part of running is that mental battle. I need to find that strength to push through as well as my own personal cheering squad in my head.

I don’t want to rush it. I tend to go all in which then leads to burn out. Slow and steady is key. I need to  take the time out to experience the journey and know that it is not going to happen overnight. I want to be an example to my children, that can now full on remember, that if you work hard and train hard YOU CAN and YOU WILL!! (yes, insert my own personal cheering squad, in my head!!haha!!) And guess what!!?! I am going to take you along on this journey. Yup, the good, bad and straight up ugly. Now lets get started!!

  • Julie


    Ahhh that’s my girl!!! I’m so proud of you! Age ain’t nothin but a number baby❤️. You are an inspiration.

    • Bindu

      love you!!

  • Lindsey Mathew


    Like the sign says…you got this! I’ll be there to give you water this time though 😂😘

    • Bindu


  • Alvin


    Wow what a horrible friend who coerced you into this torture!!

    • Bindu

      😂 He’s pretty awful!!😂

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